I just got back from Greece

It’s really bittersweet coming back from vacation. One part of you is SO sad that you’re leaving such a beautiful place, but the other part of you is glad to have your routine back. Okay, I’m not really a “routine” person, so it’s mostly bitter, rather than sweet, for me. I’m actually vehemently against a routine and I am so glad that I have a job where every day is a little bit different, but if I could get paid to travel and experience the world I 100% would. In a heartbeat.


Christie, me, and Amanda at the Acropolis


So back in December, my two friends and I decided to book a round trip flight to Athens. That’s all we did. We figured we would fill in the rest later. And that we did. Here’s how we did it.

STEP 1: Decide where you’re going within the country

  1. Santorini from June 25-28
  2. Mykonos from Jule 28-July 1
  3. Athens from July 1-4

STEP 2: Book transit from place to place

We used SeaJets for the fast ferries from Santorini to Mykonos (2.5 hrs) and Mykonos to Athens (just about 4 hrs).

We also decided to just get all the flights out of the way on day 1 so we flew from NYC to London to Athens to Santorini. And a fun-filled day it was.

STEP 3: Decide where to stay in each place

Since our friend, Christie, had done a study abroad in Greece four years ago, she had a pretty good idea of where to stay. Since she spent the majority of her time in Santorini in Kamari Beach, we decided to stay in Fira. More on that later.

When it came to Mykonos, we decided to stay in the party-centric Paradise Beach. Didn’t do a ton of research on this one, but again more on that later.

In Athens we weren’t picky. We just wanted to be within walking distance to the major tourist attractions. We ended up staying in a really nice Home Away right in the city center.

STEP 4: Don’t overthink it

That’s pretty much all we did. The few excursions we did we decided to just play by ear when we got there. We would have all driven each other crazy over-planning and over-booking. I’m glad we did it that way.

We ended up having a f*cking awesome trip. More on that later. Any questions?



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Why I don’t need a boyfriend

Happy Wedding Season, y’all!bridesmaids-quotes

As I was watching The Bachelorette the other night I came to a very interesting realization. I could never say “I love you” to someone after mere weeks. Maybe it’s because I’m naturally cynical and generally have problems showing emotion, but is it actually normal to fall in love with another person within 6-8 weeks?

I asked my coworkers (who I’m extremely close with) when they said “I Love You” to their significant others for the first time and two of them couldn’t even answer me because they’re married and probably say it every single day (and have for, like, years). The other one told me it was probably about two months. Woah.

But, honestly, I’m fine without love for now.

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I got a lot of traffic yesterday

Thanks to a post I wrote in April, I got quite a few page views yesterday. Actually, I’d like to thank my new friend #3/OneOfUsWillBangU/NoneOfUsWillBangYOU/@AbrasiveAsshole because it’s really probably all thanks to him. My Klout score went up half a point – woo!

I posted a tongue-in-cheek response to a Tinder account he and his friends created that I came across back in April when I still lived in Boston.

I really don’t post much on here and the only real reason for that is I just don’t have time. Keeping up with the multiple social media accounts I have is already exhausting and don’t even get me started on my lack of Tinder game.

Anyway – for any new readers out there (not that I think any of you will ever come back) I want you to know that I’m going to try harder to document my distaste for things and maybe someone like my boy #3 will notice and tweet about it. But probably not. I’m not even trying to pretend like I care about being Internet famous. My Klout score is 52, come on now.

You should probably follow @AbrasiveAsshole cause some of his tweets are pretty funny. Mine are mostly pictures of the sky and complaining about tourists.


Renaming Elite Daily articles because they’re legitimately so unrealistic

Sometimes Elite Daily is fucking hilarious. Their Labs videos, like the one where the tall guy hooks up with girls just because he’s tall and wearing a hat, make me pee my pants. As fucked up as that video was, it’s sad to see that there are some women that are so desperate to do things “for the story” that they end up looking like idiots in the process. I feel like that’s something Elite Daily not only feeds off of but also encourages. Not that I don’t love a good article about how I’m living my life the wrong way or how to live it better (according to another self-righteous millennial), I just feel like sometimes these articles can perpetuate an unrealistic expectation – just me?

I decided to take a look at a few articles I saw in the last few days (by no means is this a comprehensive list) and update them to what is actually going through the stream of consciousness of an average single millennial. Check ’em out. Let me know what you think.

I Hate People: Why I’ll Never Work In The Retail Industry Again AKA I hate People: Why I’ll complain about working in the retail industry to anyone who will listen

Don’t Give Up: 8 Ways To Manage Your Time For Success Post-College AKA 8 Things to read about before you start actually managing your time

Sink Or Swim: 6 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Graduating AKA 6 Things I wish I read on Elite Daily before graduating instead of figuring it out on my own

For Now Vs Forever: The Difference Between A Rebound And The Real Thing AKA Read this and realize that maybe you won’t find your husband at 23 and that’s cool

How I Broke The Rules Of Dating And Ended Up With A Boyfriend AKA I have a boyfriend: Maybe one day you will, too

Be Self-Aware: 5 Basic Things All 2015 Grads Need To Embrace ASAP AKA I used trendy words to convince you to read this article about not posting irresponsible photos to social media: PS your mistakes will follow you everywhere

Why I Chose To Travel Abroad When I Graduated Instead Of Get A Job AKA I couldn’t get a job so this seemed like a good excuse to do some “soul searching”

Great US Soccer Players Have One Thing In Common: They’re From New Jersey AKA If you’re from New Jersey you’re automatically #Blessed

Soooo am I totally off base? Or nah? Lmk.



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Timehop: My year in a short review

Oh, Timehop. A great way to look back and see all the dumb things you said on Facebook before Messenger was a thing and before you could comment on people’s statuses and wall posts. But it’s also an app that can really show you just how much (or, I guess, how little) you’re doing with your life. I’m not going to bore you with a long, drawn out version of my life story, but I feel like I need to give myself a little credit today. I deserve it. It’s been a crazy year.


One year ago I was starting my first “big girl” job at Entertainment Cruises Boston and now one short (read: long) year later, I am at MediaCom NYC. The view is different, the job is different, the people are different. I don’t want to burn any bridges by saying which one is better, but I can say that I know a hell of a lot more now then I did then.

Life happened.

If I weren’t laid off seven months ago from a job I thought I would hold for the rest of my life I would never ever be where I am today. I was completely content beginning my career as an event planner and basically not using my fancy degree at all. I wasn’t learning anything new and I certainly wasn’t in any sort of position to further my career in the future.

Life went on.

I made things work. Like everyone who gets laid off, bills don’t stop and it’s not like the government is here to help me continue to live my comfortable lifestyle in a Cambridge apartment going out to dinner twice a week and drinking in excess. So I got a part-time job. It was fun, it paid the bills (dismally), and it gave me time to find something more permanent. Sadly, my “more permanent” version of a job was still pretty dismal. Not in the paycheck, but in the learning opportunities, growth potential, and general industry. It was a temp job, it got me an actual real paycheck and bought me a few months to look for something “real.” Whatever that means…

Life happens.

I applied to about 500 jobs on LinkedIn. I got a few interviews but most were just duds. I then got two offers after a pretty extensive interview process. One was in Florida and one was in New York – one was far far away from anything I know and one was close to where I grew up. One paid a little more with a lower cost of living while the other paid a little less with a higher cost of living. Guess which one I chose. Obviously.

From the Boston Harbor to Midtown Manhattan, I can safely say I’ve made some big changes this year. I guess the moral of my story is: Don’t let one setback become more than what it is. It’s a setback, yes, but it definitely does not have to determine your whole future. Keep putting yourself out there until you find your happy place – whether that be a NYC roof deck or a boat cruising the bay or a sandy, south Florida beach.



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One-liners gone wrong

I love a good pickup line. Actually, I don’t even like a good pickup line, I like clever ones (or at least ones that make me giggle and not face-palm). However, more often than not, the pickup lines I encounter make me want to throw my phone across the room and declare my eternal single-ness from the top of the Empire State Building.

What does this even mean?

Exhibit A

Exhibit A: To give you some background, on my profile it says I’m good at being sarcastic and parallel parking. I’m not sure why he would but those two things together to create one very weird connection, but he did. I’m also not sure what he expected my response to be – “Yes, I usually use irony and wit when I’m talking to parking spots I’m trying to get into.”

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

Exhibit B: Did he miss the part where I said I was interested in men?! In all fairness, maybe he did. But either way, why does he think I care what his sister thinks of me? Realistically, I wouldn’t meet the family until at least a few months into dating and we’re just not there yet. At least take me to dinner first. Also, why would your sisters taste in women affect your taste in women? Are you turned on by the same type? I’m seeing multiple red flags here…

Exhibit C

Exhibit C

Exhibit C: I’m relatively certain neither of these things are happening. Ever. Also, put a space between your word and your wink 😉



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