Thought Thursday: Puppy love

I just want to start out by saying HI! It’s Thursday and that means I’m going to share a random thought. Thought Thursday?

Both my mother and boyfriend highly believe that I would be a horrible dog owner. Now I’m not going to 100% disagree with them, but I also can’t agree. Here are my reasons that I should be able to own a puppy:

Who could ever get annoyed looking at this?

1. I love all living things (except annoying people). I’ve even started to like our cat (blasphemy!)

While puppies can be a nuisance – I’ve learned to accept that mostly everything/everyone is a nuisance every now and then. Plus it wouldn’t kill me to wake up early and get my walk on…

2. I have no problem looking like a  nut case and openly speaking to a dog.

You know how they say babies in the womb can understand voices and tones and shit? Well I know that my dog would know my voice and would thoroughly enjoy hearing it all the time. This would also help when my boyfriend doesn’t want to hear about the adorable pink skirt I just bought.

The perfect puppy for an apartment

3. I trust dogs (and I don’t tend to trust many things).

Even just letting a pup off their leash and trusting that they’ll come back to you is a serious step! My roommate can’t say that about her cat…(one reason I wish he were a puppy) but I can very easily say that if Jesse (my beagle that lives with my parents) were chasing after a rabbit and I called his name he would absolutely come back. Not immediately, but he would.

4. I would hug my pup every single day.

Because when I start to love something (or someone) I get super attached and I don’t ever want to let go. I mean, I had a Beta fish for 3 years and when I watched it’s little body spasm in fits of death I swear I had a pang in my chest right where my heart was! It was a fish. And I loved it so much that when I watched it die I may or may not have shed a little tear…OK yes I did. My roommate was there. There are witnesses. RIP Thirsty.

Take me for a walk? OK!

5. Puppy love is the truest on the planet.

And I would say that to myself before scolding it for being a shitbird and pooping on the hardwood floor.

But then there are always reasons why someone shouldn’t be a puppy owner.

I’m a college student. I’m involved in way too many things and when I’m on co-op I’m gone for most of the day and I just wouldn’t want to do that to my little puppy love. But at the same time I feel like I’m responsible enough that I could handle it. I mean…I can handle pretty much anything. I’m kind of a big deal.

Maybe I’ll just go buy one right now…#fuckit