Hit the bunkers people, zombies are upon us

After increased interest in the Miami face-eating attack, I’ve been reading a little more on the Zombie Apocalypse that is upon us. I was never ones of the crazies that really, legitimately thought zombies were loose on Earth – but with all this evidence, it’s becoming more and more hard to contain my sanity.

The zombies have moved to New Jersey (does this really shock anyone), evidenced by the man who stabbed himself and threw his intestines at police officers in Hackensack. Said police officers then usedtwo cans of pepper spray on the man with no effect.

This is after more than one school in Florida was shut down due to a mystery rash. This is also after a doctor was pulled over and arrested for almost hitting a cop car, spat blood at a cop and banged his head on Plexiglas until bleeding.

Not to mention, this happened:

What the hell is going on in our country? Are people legitimately trying to be nut cases? Are all the drug addicts coming out all at once to scare us? Or are people turning into the undead?

What. The. Literal. Hell.


Spontaneity is the best policy

And that’s exactly what I did! I mean, why not right?

One day I decided that going to CMA Fest in Nashville would be a great idea. I mean, we ONLY had to buy plane tickets. Dez is from Nashville and his parents are more than happy to host us whenever they can.

We decided that we didn’t need to go to the LP Field lineup (even though I really really want to see Luke Bryan) so we didn’t even have to pay for tickets. Nashville is the Music City – so there will be more than enough free concerts out on Broadway all day long to get drunk to.

The trip is one week away and my major concern right now is packing for the most drunken, sunny and country-filled weekend of my entire life.

I also am booked to go to France this summer for a study abroad. But instead of flying right home from Paris, I decided that I was going to fly home from Madrid. Leaving me five glorious days of absolute mystery between Paris and Madrid.

I think I’ll take a flight or a train to Madrid from Paris and visit my grandbig in my sorority and hang out with my roommate who will also be in Madrid. But essentially – I just did it. I didn’t really think it through, but I think it was also the best decision. I get to be a 20 year old for a little bit (finally). With so many of my friends traveling the world and me being such an inexperienced traveler – it’s finally my time. And I can’t wait to lead you through Europe via blog post.


Little gets what little wants

Last semester I finally got the little sister that I always wanted while growing up. Getting a little sister was easily one of the most rewarding and happy moments of my life – but buying all the gifts they deserve and Initiation turning into another Chirstmas definitely isn’t easy on the college girl’s wallet. So I decided to learn how to hand sew letters for my lovely little so that not only did she know they were given to her from the hear – they also cost about $6 per shirt (instead of upwards of $20)

This is the basket full of goodies I gave her on Initiation

My little spoiled brat got a full basket (as you can see). Only one pair of letters inside was not hand made. Those would be our family letters – the vertical ones. Other than those, here’s the inventory:

  • 1 dark heather gray hooded sweatshirt with green patterned letters & white background
  • 2 t-shirt letters:
    • neon green shirt with light pink patterned foreground & dark pink background letters
    • kelly green shirt with dark pink foreground & white background letters
  • 1 light heather gray long sleeve shirt with orange foreground letters & white background
  • 1 white pillow with pink patterned foreground & dark pink background letters (with puff paint for our names)
  • 1 neon green blanket (underneath everything) without letters
  • pink flip flop slippers
  • Delta Zeta bumper sticker
  • pink picture frame with family photo
  • notepad with roses on it
  • pink & green make up bags
  • Delta Zeta reusable tote

All of this didn’t really take as much time to put together as you may think. I spent my Thanksgving break sewing letters, but it was well worth it. I love seeing my little rock my handmade letters on campus. For the Delta Zeta tote, Vistaprint usually has deals for free tees and totes – if you upload a Delta Zeta design then all you have to pay for is shipping!

Check out my letter-making tips or a how-to on sewing a blanket/pillow!