5 Reasons to Snooze Your Alarm

I know most people would have a post more like “5 Reasons to Not Snooze Your Alarm” but I am a firm believer that waking up before 7 a.m. is simply cruel and unusual. I realize that I should wake up and exercise or make myself breakfast or do something productive, but laziness is sometimes OK.

Here’s why:

  1. That extra ten minutes between your alarm and your post-snooze alarm will literally make you the happiest person on Earth…for ten minutes

  2. It’s a great time to meditate. I like to practice my mindfulness meditation during snooze time.

  3. You can plan your outfit in your head instead of making a mess in your room from getting dressed and undressed six times.

  4. It gives your roommate who needs the bathroom as well a ten minute grace period to have it all to herself

  5. Then you need your morning coffee that much less!

Today I snoozed my alarm three times. I didn’t even need a coffee but it was already brewing by the time I was out of bed. While I was a little drowsy at the start of my day – the extra sleep made a difference I think. It puts me in a slightly better mood and makes my morning commute just a little more bearable. Which is especially important when three outbound trains pass you before one going inbound rolls along.


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