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Lyon: @YaBoyConnell


Surprise! We had a test today. Ugh. I hate how they just spring it on you like it’s no big deal. It’s a good thing my class is hilarious.

There are quite a few hilarious things that happen on the regular that I’m going to tell you about. One was especially great.

There are quite a few kids from Hong Kong in our class who speak fluent English (and Cantonese, Mandarin and French) who just love us. Especially Trinity and Jeff.

Today in class, Connell (@yaboyconnell) was just not speaking real sentences. First he started telling us (in French) about how “people are less responsible than girls about drinking.” He was clearly mixing up the words “gens” and “hommes.” Then he said to this girls Charlotte something about how, “that’s how they d things in Hong Kong,” and she immediately corrected him by announcing that she’s from Taiwan. Basically, it was not Connell’s day.

So to put the icing on the cake, Trinity just outright said (out loud, in English and in front of the whole class), “Connell you just can’t get anything right!”

These kids seriously don’t have a filter.

Au revoir (for now)

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Lyon: Annecy


Today was definitely one of the top 10 best days of my entire life. Hmm…I feel as though I’ve said this more than once on this trip.

We went to Annecy this morning. It is probably one of the most beautiful, picturesque places that I have encountered in my entire life. As hard as it is to say, I think it may even be more gorgeous than Lyon.

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We pulled up in our buses to this incredible lake surrounded by mountains. The lake was a perfect shade of blue and was completely see through – all the way to the bottom. On the backdrop of the Alps, it was definitely an incredible sight.

Chelsea, Leighann and I decided to walk around the town for a bit and get a feel for the place. Chelsea got a “bon home avec sucre” which was basically a sugar donut shaped like a little man.

Then we went to the private beach. First of all, it was not a beach. It was a grassy knoll that people lay out on in bathing suits and sometimes not in bathing suits. The water was ridiculously beautiful so obviously we had to try to go in. While it did feel like melted snow in lake form, it was still refreshing.

Then we had amazing ice cream and got back on our bus for a long nap home…

Au revoir (for now)

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Tequila Tuesday: Literally though…

I’m starting a new series for Tuesdays: Recent drunken stories.

The first one is actually, conveniently enough, involving tequila. I’m going to give everyone a little recap on Cinco de Mayo 2011.

This night was debatably one of the best of my life – the night I met my ridiculously wonderful boyfriend.

The evening began with me picking up one of my 21-year-old friends in my car immediately after co-op and promptly getting about 32 Coronas (for three os us…) since they didn’t have 24 packs. Obviously that was the smart choice. I then carried said Coronas into my on-campus building in a laundry basket covered in a towel. Real stealthy.

I came home to two bottles of Jose and a container of Margarita mix. I knew where the evening was going.

Fridge of Cinco de Mayo goodness

We basically invited everyone we knew to our dorm room for a rage-fest filled with Marg shots (someone sits on a chair with their head back while someone pours a shot each of Marg mix and Jose into their mouth), Tequila shots and Coronas out the wahoo.

Anyway, after quite a few of these, my summer roommate (shouts to Rachel) decided to call one of her friends in Pike. Naturally, he was already so drunk that his big brother had to accompany him to our building. I learned later that Rachel had told said big brother that he should just come up to the room because she had a “hot roommate” which apparently meant me. I was unaware of this obvious set up.

Back in Allie-land I heard a boy speaking a different form of English – he had an ACCENT. If you know me, you know I’m incredibly attracted to accents. So, of course, I went up to this man with the wonderful pick up line of, “Are you Southern?”

From there we talked for a while, spent a while in my room “changing the music” and building up sexual tension and eventually (finally) I grew the balls to kiss him.

And that’s the story of how I met my man.

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Lyon: Salade Lyonnaise

I wish I had more to say about today. On the plus side, we had Seb all day today. But other than that, I was pretty much in classes for about nine hours. I’m really starting to get sick of all these classes. Shouldn’t I just be enjoying my vacation in Europe? Why does this have to be school related?

I’m seriously loving the food here. I had the most fabulous Salade Lyonnaise at Gump’s Corner, this bar across the street. The ingredients are just wonderful.

Salade Lyonnaise


  • Romaine lettuce
  • Ham (which they consider bacon here)
  • Poached egg
  • Roma tomatoes
  • Endive
  • Garlic

The dressing is also phenomenal. I’m usually not a huge fan of mustard, but I plan to alter the recipe if I ever make it for myself at home.

  • Extra virgin olive oil (1 C)
  • Red wine vinegar (1/2 C)
  • Dijon mustard (2 Tbsp.)
  • White sugar (1 tsp.)
  • Herbs de Provence (2 Tbsp.)
  • Onion, finely chopped
  • Salt and pepper

Actually, I’m definitely making this for Dez when I get home. We may have found a salad Dez might actually like! It has bacon, but no Frank’s Red Hot. Win some, lose some.

Au revoir (for now)

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Lyon: Sickly and Sorry

I haven’t posted here in SO long! I definitely have just been too busy having way too much fun to blog!

I’m sick. I feel like Sheldon Cooper in the episode “The Pancake Batter Anomaly” of The Big Bang Theory. I would get sick in France.

But we had our debate in class today and Chelsea and I absolutely killed it. Naturally. Since not too much went on today, I’m just going to say how much I love the culture here. I mean, people sit out and enjoy their food and drinks for hours – without worrying about getting back to work within their allotted one hour lunch break.

I want to have a job and life like that. I feel like so many people in our country are super workaholics but that’s just not what I want. I would love to hit up casual farmer’s markets on Wednesday afternoons.

I think I’ll start going to the Haymarket Farmer’s Market in Boston more often.


We went to the Farmer’s Market again. This time I got pictures! There was also a whole street of puppies.

I know it would have been the boyfriend’s personal hell, but I was in absolute heaven.

On this trip I have been missing my puppy at home. I say he’s a puppy, but he’s really a full-grown dog. All of the puppies at the market were so adorable and they looked much healthier and better behaved than any puppies one would see in America, especially if they were puppies in need of a home.

But I really enjoy the food at the market as well. It was all so fresh and the smells while walking past were the most phenomenal that I have ever smelt in my life. The fruits and vegetables had more color than those I would see in any Stop and Shop in America. I got strawberries from the farmer’s market our first Sunday here and they were still good an entire week later! That seems like an almost impossibility, but I was so excited that they lasted so long.

I saw an American flag scarf at one of the stands the second week there and when I went past it again I just had to buy it. But it was 10€. Iwas unsure about paying that much for a simple scarf so Iasked the man if I could have it for 8€ (in French) and he said yes! Imagine my surprise when he though that I was European as well – I thought for sure that my American accent was a dead giveaway.

I wish there was a similar farmer’s market close to my apartment in Boston. The market is definitely one of the things that I will miss the most in Lyon.

Au revoir (for now)

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Lyon: The Puppy Market