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Lyon: Gump’s Corner (7/1/12)

Another random discovery – French nutella from Carrefour is significantly cheaper than the Nutella brand that I buy in the USA. I wish I had any space in my luggage or carry on to fit about four jars of this lovely hazelnut spread. But my carry on was too big to be considered a carry on as it is.

Also, I learned that there is a very convenient somewhat English-speaking bar right near us. Yay! We’re actually meeting some of our new French friends there on Tuesday (Mardi) since we have no classes Wednesdays (Mercredis).

These French men that we met were sitting outside of the bar that we were considering entering – called Gump’s Corner. Such an awesome name. Anyway, as we were deciding, they said to us, “Come in! It’s cool!” in quite good English. There were only two of them at the time, but later their group proved to be of four.

While we were there, ESPANA won the Euro Cup!! It seemed like everyone in the bar was cheering on the Spanish so we went along with it as well. I’m sure that Spain is absolutely poppin’ right now. Shouts to my sisters and best friends that are currently in Valencia and Madrid!

We learned that they love their country, two of them live down the block from us, and that one of them has been to Arizona.

Other than that, we met a couple that is also in our building that go to Marshall University. They are married and in college. Not quite sure I can grasp that. But anyway, they are quite nice and will be accompanying us on the way to our exams tomorrow. So scared for those! Hopefully I do well!

Au revoir (for now)


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