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Lyon: Les Examens

We just took our oral and written French exams. Oh my Gosh. Fun French fact: “Godde” in French means “vibrator.” So Saying “Oh My God” sounds like you’re saying “Oh my vibrator.” Anyway, the tests went OK. Just OK. I’m hoping I get put in a decent class.

Then a few of the other dialogue-mates and I went to the Carrefour City (for, like, the fourth time since we’ve been here) and “Call Me Maybe” was playing. WHAT?! Why wasn’t it in French? Someone fix this.

People here love their radishes. I have never seen so many people buying radishes at the market than here. So I looked up a popular radish dish…

Radish sandy

It’s literally sliced radishes, salt, butter and bread. But it looks pretty good. I’ll keep you posted on if I end up trying it out.

Our next adventure will be to find and potentially buy a prepaid phone…en Francais.

Au revoir (for now)


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