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Lyon: This is Sirius

Today was probably the most eventful day of my life. We had class in the morning with my main man Seb (sorry Dez) and that was a learning experience as usual.

Then we went on the most phenomenal walking tour of Vieux Lyon. It was amazing. It looks exactly like you would picture France to look. We would think we were walking into a building but then it would end up being another courtyard. It was really beautiful.

After our walking tour, we headed straight to a bus tour. But in the meantime we got ice cream. Can I just say that eating ice cream mid-day is totally OK here and I really like it. I got Salted Caramel ice cream and oh my gosh, it was amazing. Almost better than the Nutella ice cream I had the day of our scavenger hunt but not as good as the white chocolate ice cream I’ve also had on our trip. So much ice cream. I’m going to come home fat.

Intense church seen on the bus tour

Anyway, the bus tour was so relaxing since we didn’t have to walk (finally). But I started to drift off to sleep during part of it! I guess the wind in my hair, moving car and full stomach were slowly putting me to sleep! But other than that it was very enjoyable. We got to look around the outside of the city in all the hilly areas that are impossible to walk to.

Then the real madness happened. We all got dress to go to a bar/club called Sirius. It was a boat. Need I say more? OK I will. We got cheap pitchers of beer (which is still pretty expensive here) and danced and sand (screamed) the entire night away. By the time we looked at our watches it was 2:45 and still had a nice, long, blacked out walk home to conquer.

at Sirius (the club, not the Harry Potter character)

All in all, it was completely worth the painful feet and missing half of my Saturday for sleeping purposes.

Au revoir (for now)


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