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Lyon: Carmen

I slept all day today. Well, OK only until 11:30 but still. It was actually really hilarious because my alarm was chirping birds and was set for noon. Then when I woke up I just didn’t turn it off and at the exact moment I opened up my window this morning, the alarm went off. I thought there were just an uncanny amount of birds in our courtyard today, but alas, I was wrong.

We went to a museum that had miniatures and movie things in it. It was kind of crazy actually. There were eight (huit) floors of stuff and one would have a bunch of old movie props and the next would have miniature scale rooms and things. One floor has stuff like scaled down furniture, clothing and shoes (among other things).

Anyway, then we got sandwiches. I got my standard ham and cheese (jambon et fromage) and we just straight chilled for a bit outside this adorable Boulangerie. I felt super French. Except when people just assume you’re American and speak English to you from the start. Thanks guys -_-

Then we got more ice cream. Of course.

Then we did something super French. Chelsea and I got a six-pack of Hoegaarden (OK, that wasn’t the French part) and we went to meet up with some girls from our school for an outdoor screening of the Opera. We met up with these girls; one was from Sweden, one from Germany and one from Hollard and they were SO nice. (I’ll disregard the part about the one from Holland being a feminist.)

Screening of Carmen in the public square

We sat outside in this huge public square called the Place des Terraux and drank our beer and watched Carmen. It would have been really good if I wasn’t sitting on the concrete ground. So we basically left after the first act. But I understood a surprising amount of the production!

After that, instead of going out, I Skyped with my big and watched some episodes of Girls. Very eventful Saturday evening.

Au revior (nor now)


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