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Lyon: Toucher Ma Gorge

Today was our first Monday of classes. It was quite a doozy.

Seb was beautiful as usual. In the afternoon, we had this woman professor with crazy hair and a not-so-subtle dislike of us using English in class to talk to one another.

When we would mispronounce the different French E’s (é, ê, è), she would say, “toucher ma gorge!” which is “touch my throat” in English. She wanted us to feel the different vibrations in the throat, but it just sounded dirty with her accent.

Her class actually reminded me a lot of a class I took at Northeastern, called “Voice and Articulation” (take it with Susan Picillo if you get the chance). It was awesome and super helpful, but it was a very long day.

I also booked mine and my friends hostel rooms for Madrid! Yay! Finally everything is all set. I cannot wait to be in Espana!


Also – today was one of my fellow dialoguers birthdays! We all decided to bitch in for cakes and we lit the candles a little early waiting for her to come down to the common room and they legit almost burnt the cake. Someone decided on those sparkler candles (you know, the trick ones that don’t blow out right away) and it totally messed with her. It was pretty awesome. I think she really liked it.

Lyon, Travel

Lyon: Farmer’s Market, Part Deux

Sorry I’ve been so bad with posting every day!

The smells that surround you at a French farmer’s market are probably the best in the entire world. It’s like all craft food items from these people’s homes that they bring to the city of Lyon every Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon.

Imagine a place where you have the finest cheeses, meats, fruits, vegetables, breads and much more together in one place. Then add in tents of flowers, clothing, shoes and anything you can really imagine all for sale in one place.

Today, I almost bought an American flag scarf for ten euro. I thought that I could find something for cheaper, but I didn’t. I may have to go back this week or next and snag that bad boy before I see some Frenchie rocking my flag around their neck and have to punch them to take it.

As I say this I am eating the most phenomenal pain au chocolat. It beats the living shit out of Au Bon Pain, but is anyone really surprised? I’m not.