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Lyon: Les Voleurs

I think everyone in our program that isn’t in my class is secretly very jealous of the activities we do.

Today we played cops & robbers (essentially) and I was paired with a very quiet and non-English-speaking Asian girl named Ning-Jui. We were chosen to be suspects. We basically had to think of what our interviewers would possibly ask us about what we were going the previous evening between 19h and 23h.

I decided that we should get ice cream, go to see Ice Age 4 (L’Age du Glace Quatre), then go for a walk in Vieux Lyon.

I was 100% stone faced when Chelsea had to ask me her questions. Then Connell turned around and said that he knew Ning-Jui was guilty. Apparently he asked her how L’Age du Glace Quatre was and she responded saying she had never seen it. She cracked under pressure. I did not. Seb was laughing.

Au revoir (for now)


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