Jersey Shore

Sandy can’t wipe out my memories

This weekend, the New Jersey Shore was completely obliterated by Hurricane Sandy. The photos are absolutely astonishing and unbelievable:

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But regardless of the condition, Hurricane Sandy will never take away my memories at the Jersey Shore. This first picture here seems like it is from a different lifetime. It was

only 2008. Thanks to my best friend, Aly, I got to go down the shore whenever we wanted. She had a car and her family friend, Don, had a house. We pretty much went down whenever we could…after Aly learned to be OK with highway driving. That was probably the most hilarious trip ever. She wasn’t used to driving on the highway (and was really terrified of it) but she did it anyway so that we could hang out in Lavallette for the weekend. It started raining and she started crying. We pulled over on the side of the highway for about an hour just

watching the rain and waiting for it to let up a bit. This was just the beginning of our times down the shore together…

This next photo is us during either Memorial Day Weekend (MDW) or Labor Day Weekend (LDW) of 2009. I was fresh out of high school and obviously a lot thinner than I am now. Although I can’t believe back then I thought I was overweight. I feel like I’m doing a chronicle of my life with Aly but this is more about my memories of the beach.

This place is the first place I ever got drunk (silly memory?) and would later be the first place I ever went to a bar. Those times down the shore meeting random people, hooking up on the beach at night and getting drunk with total strangers kind of made me the person I am today. I don’t think I would be as outgoing or confident as I am without getting these experiences. And without the Jersey Shore, I would have never had the

setting for these experiences to take place. I met two prom dates down the shore and even more summer flings…

Speaking of flings, there was a very notorious hookup I had thanks to the bar in this picture (left). This was the night I met Mo. He was about 6’7 and African American. One of those guys that should be in the NFL or NBA or something. Anyway, we made out on the sandy shores of Seaside Heights and then I went home. Nothing came of it even though I’m pretty sure my friends wanted something to come of it – especially if it meant making fun of me for my ridiculous underage behavior.

Right now I sit here and wonder what has happened to the lovely Spicy’s, (the bar in this picture) especially since they just remodeled it. I just love when trashy bars try to be classy, which is basically every single establishment in Seaside Heights.

Speaking of trashy establishments of Seaside, The Hershey Motel is one of the trashiest. The model of choice for Prom Weekends of high schools all over the state, every inch of the rooms have been corrupted. We decided to get a room there for old times sake this past LDW. I’m pretty sure we got the room that I was actually in during my prom weekend. What are the odds? Seriously can someone tell me?

Anyway, this past summer was no exception to the “get drunk, get crunk, get fucked up” rule that we usually abide by in Seaside…the only difference was that Aly and I are currently in long-term and loving relationships. That’s just not an idea situation at the Jersey Shore. You dont want to be in one and you certainly don’t want to start one down the Shore. As the very knowledgable Sammi Sweetheart said,

“Don’t fall in love at the Jersey Shore.”

I can safely say that this is a lesson that I still apply to my everyday life.