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Incriminating bumper stickers

Bumper stickers can be a great form of personal expression. Personally, the only stickers my car has are on my back windshield. They let everyone on the road know that I go to Northeastern University and that I am a Delta Zeta.

The bumper stickers I will never understand are the stick figure family car decals you see on every soccer mom minivan on the road. As if a minivan doesn’t tell the world you’re a mom – you need to tell everyone else how many little “bundles of joy” you have.

Cool story.

Even better is when you put those little bundles of joy in danger when you drive like a moron.

I’ll provide an example for you:

Today I was sitting in traffic on a two-lane road (Oradell Ave if you’re from my area) which leads to Bergen Catholic High School. The left lane coming up to the traffic light is a left-turn-only lane. So, naturally I was in the right lane. I got up to the traffic light and not one, but TWO cars went straight in the left turn only lane. One of these cars was a minivan with a stick figure family decal on the back. Not only did they have that, but also a Bergen Catholic sticker. If they have a Bergen Catholic sticker, the school that is on the corner of the intersection I’m talking about, they obviously know that the left lane happens to be a left-turn-only lane. They just didn’t care because their precious bundle of joy could not wait an extra two minutes to get picked up from school by mom.

This is just one of many reasons bumper stickers make you look like a complete asshole.

As Jay-Jamar of Yahoo.com says, “Overall, these family decals and school bumper stickers tend to give information in a boastful and bragging manner, where often negativity will stem from such arrogant gestures.”