Getting pinspired: Holiday wreath for mom

Pinterest is a great place for stay at home moms to post their ridiculous crafts and for sorority girls to drool over them. Many Pinterest-inspired crafts do not end up looking the way they were intended.

Sometimes you just don’t have the time, money or patience as a stay at home mom. But thanks to my lack of activities and lack of any of my friends being home from school as early as me, I successfully got Pinspired for (part of) my mom’s Christmas gift.

Here was the original pin:

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

Literally the directions were: “Start with a foam wreath, wrap in white ribbon, and cover with craft store pearls”

Little do they know that a pack of about 30 craft store pearls is $5.99 and you need about 300. So I used these things that are supposed to go in vases or something. They looked like pearls on branches so I thought that might work. I bought myself a styrofoam wreath and about six pearl branches. Then I had to go back for another six. This project requires a lot of balls (pun intended).

My version

My version

I also decided to use gold along with my standard pearl and silver pearls. I think it turned out pretty well. Especially since the pearls were attached to little branches I just stuck them into the styrofoam and saved a lot of time and burns from the hot glue gun!

Also, you could interchange the ribbon for any time of year! (Think: light pink or yellow for Easter)

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