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Connect Zero

My roommate’s boyfriend told me about this new thing people were doing on Tinder – starting Connect 4 games in order to get girls to actually respond. Scott is from Canada and was visiting for New Years and I was like, OK CANADA, whatever you say… No one does that shit.

And then it happened. Granted, it was like two months later, but a guy messaged me with a Connect 4 board on OkCupid.

I mean... it was a valiant effort

I mean… it was a valiant effort

I had previously ignored him which is why I’m confused as to why he would spend all that time carefully crafting this board, but I guess it’s a good try. It seems relatively harmless. Sure, I could have responded, but that literally takes SO much effort just to type out! And I mean I’m not online dating to play board games with strangers with weird/terrifying eyebrows…



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