My first date in NYC

Guys. I went on a real, live date over the weekend. And it wasn’t terrible. 

Whenever a semi normal looking/sounding guy on OkCupid messages me I’m always a little skeptical. Not necessarily about why he’s single or why he’s on that app, but more so about when things are going to take a turn for the worse. Is that a terrible outlook? Maybe. But I have my reasons – most of which you’ve read about.

Either way, this guy opened with a very original opener asking what I do for work. He totally called himself out on being unoriginal so I was on board. Anyone who is down to poke fun at themselves is okay in my book.

We exchanged a few messages and eventually I felt good enough about offering that we switch over to texting. I usually don’t take a guys number until he was definitively asked me out on a date, but I don’t check OkCupid that often so I figured this would expedite that process. And it worked.

We went to The Albion Bar and chatted over whiskey gingers for like five hours. It’s actually a pretty good spot for a first date in Midtown East if you’re looking for one. It was relatively quiet, served good drinks, and most importantly they had candles on the tables and everyone looks good in that lighting.

Here’s my qualm: He’s still in school and contracts for the Army. While neither of those things are really deal breakers, they’re both interesting both interesting factors that definitely need some time and consideration on my part. Here are some concerns:

  • Lack of full time job: He’s in school to eventually get one, but he’s not there yet.
  • Weird schedule of work: Assuming he goes away for random weekends or weeks to do Army things.
  • Studying: This happens at all hours of day and night which means he’s never really going to be able to switch “off.”

Again, not deal breakers. But we’ve been texting consistently since the date and he’s already asked me out on Date #2. I should be thrilled, right? I’m a little excited but also a little nervous. I feel like the Army makes people very intense and I definitely got the sense that he feels like he missed out on the crazy college years – which I definitely did not miss out on. It’s kind of a paradox that he feels like he missed out on spring break but also wants a more serious relationship. Wait, hold up, do I even want a “more serious relationship?”

I guess I should probably list some good things about him, huh?

  • Funny as hell: Even though he thinks I’m not into it because I’m trying to act all cool, on the inside I’m usually cracking up
  • Calls me “cute”: I mean, who doesn’t want that?
  • Texts back: And not three days later

Ok. What now? Any advice? Halp.



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