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Surprise! We had a test today. Ugh. I hate how they just spring it on you like it’s no big deal. It’s a good thing my class is hilarious.

There are quite a few hilarious things that happen on the regular that I’m going to tell you about. One was especially great.

There are quite a few kids from Hong Kong in our class who speak fluent English (and Cantonese, Mandarin and French) who just love us. Especially Trinity and Jeff.

Today in class, Connell (@yaboyconnell) was just not speaking real sentences. First he started telling us (in French) about how “people are less responsible than girls about drinking.” He was clearly mixing up the words “gens” and “hommes.” Then he said to this girls Charlotte something about how, “that’s how they d things in Hong Kong,” and she immediately corrected him by announcing that she’s from Taiwan. Basically, it was not Connell’s day.

So to put the icing on the cake, Trinity just outright said (out loud, in English and in front of the whole class), “Connell you just can’t get anything right!”

These kids seriously don’t have a filter.

Au revoir (for now)


Momma’s Recipe: Asian-inspired noodles

These are AMAZING! My mom makes them all the time for outdoor BBQs, quick dinner sides or for when I come home to visit and want food to take back to Boston with me. And they’re SO easy.

Boil as much pasta as you want. Regular spaghetti is usually best. During the last two minutes of boiling the pasta, add frozen peas and carrots. Strain the pasta, pea & carrot mix. Add sesame oil, teriyaki sauce, one clove garlic and chives or scallions. Toss together for a super easy and delicious lunch!

World News

Adderall is too mainstream for the Chinese

The Chinese are the world’s hipsters. Since Adderall is too mainstream for them (or too weak, whatever) they’re using IVs of amino acids to perk up enough to study for exams. We in America feel bad for ourselves during finals week…what if this was your life leading up to one exam that would make or break you forever? I guess I’ll never understand those troubles – mostly because forms of human torture are illegal here in the US of A. But if you want a hilarious commentary about this news story – click here for the TFTC version.

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