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It’s rage tank season!

For anyone that says they “hate country” –  you have probably never listened to it. I was one of those assholes until I was introduced to some of the wonderful Bigger Picture artists: mainly Zac Brown Band and Craig Campbell. But then I broadened my horizons with some Luke and Jason and my life has since been changed.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but the Fourth of July is my absolute favorite holiday ever. Which is actually pretty convenient given my new country music obsession.

What is there not to love about July Fourth? American pride, red, white, blue, country, BBQ and minimal clothing. Sounds like the perfect summer day to me.

I’m actually a firm believer that every day should be lived like it’s the Fourth. That’s why I’m sharing this Blackout Sing-a-Long play list with you. You deserve it.

Download every single one of these songs and then once those run out, go on FratMusic and listen to any Summer station and continue the rage fest.

Shotgun a Bud Light, take a shot of Jack Daniels and sip on some spiked sweet tea. That’s how summer should be lived. Even if I’ll be in Europe for the Fourth – I will be celebrating on the inside and I’ll be damned if I don’t drink some American beer and whiskey on July Fourth, even if it’ll only be the second day of classes.

However, I’d like to also add all Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean songs to this list. Just because I love them.

I’m not sure if the French will be able to handle my cowboy boots – but I’ll be bringing them across the pond and rocking the shit out of them along with my rage take. Is that acceptable? I give zero fucks.

Land of the free, home of the RAGE

Speaking of rage gear…a tank, sick play list and cowboy boots are not all you need for a successful backyard Fucked-Up-Fourth. Koozies are also necessary. They need to be awesome. Boyfriend and I chose these:

Choice koozies for CMA Fest

Try to tell me that my Sorority Formal Koozie combined with his “B2B WW Champs” Koozie isn’t the greatest combination ever.

In conclusion, I will be raging and celebrating this country’s birth in the land of the surrender. With all of my gear present.


I officially have a new favorite drink. Jack Daniels & Ginger Ale. I may be officially cheating on my usual Bacardi & Coke, but let me tell you that whiskey is awesome. AWESOME. I realize that its intimidating, but try it.Try yourself a Jack & Ginger and tell me that you’re not obsessed.

I went to CMA Fest in Nashville this weekend, so it was only fitting that I get country drunk, sing loudly to songs I hardly know and try my best to look Southern. Our first night on Broadway, I got to meet Craig Campbell and I just love him. If you don’t know who he is, listen to this song and try to tell me he’s not flippin’ wonderful.

You know what I realized about country artists – they have actual legitimate talent. Oh, and they’re wonderful when it comes to interacting with fans of any obsession level I saw a bunch of artists perform their asses off and, guess what, they’re actually singing. I didn’t have to listen to a recording that plays on the radio or something just off their latest album. I got to hear them change around words to fit CMA fest and do shout outs mid-song. And after meeting Craig Campbell, Chris Cagle and Chris Janson (among others) I can definitely say that Southern gentlemen do exist. They were all super sweet to me even though I know, like, one of their songs.

This guy Chris Janson sings this song “Corn” which he and his super sweet wife wrote together. His album isn’t out yet, so here’s a shitty YouTube version. It’s not nearly as sick as it was when he performed on the Bic Bella Soleil Beach stage on Saturday, but you’re just going to have to see him live to experience that.

I hope you like these songs and I hope that next year y’all (ha, I had to) choose CMA Fest over Bonaroo. Definitely worth it. I’m obsessed with Nashville. Once you go there, you will be too. Promise. Oh, and go to Monell’s for breakfast. You will not regret it.