Tonight we decided that we would finally go to the bar that is named after our home city: Boston Bar. After Remy and Bitte told us that it was their favorite, we had to give it a try.

It did not live up to expectations. We did get lots of French fries (wait, they don’t call them French fries here. They’re just frites) and margaritas and eventually, shots and drinks.

We were all just standing around when a French boy came up to me and started talking. I told him to bring his two friends over too, but for some reason no one in my group wanted to talk to them. I was basically sucked in. The boy asked me for my email address since Facebook is too “mainstream” for him.

Wait, what?

Au revoir (for now)

Lyon, Travel

Lyon: Boston Bar

Lyon, Travel

Lyon: One Euro Beers


Today during the day was incredibly typical (class, lunch, etc.) but the evening on the day of one euro beer night is what I really want to talk about. 

We went to Cosmopolitan Bar on our last Monday in Lyon. It’s kind of funny that they have the awesome booze deal on a Monday, right? It was ridiculous. We walked in to a completely jam-packed bar and I immediately got a drink. Then we all found a place to stand and I got two drinks. Basically, I had three cups of beer in a 10 minute span. Good idea? I think not. 

This picture sums up the night well…

As hilarious as that was, what ensued was even more out of control. The guy on our trip that no one expected to get any managed to start making out with a girl, follow her to the smoking room and continue to suck face with her for about 20 minutes, and this started only 20 minutes after arriving.

Then the girl we least expected to hook up, or even drink, on this trip immediately asked for a beer (which I happily delivered) and a man to dance with (which I also happily delivered). Why am I so good?She and one of the guys she danced with ended up exchanging phone numbers and going on several dates, eventually leading to a potential relationship.

Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match…

Au revoir (for now)

Personal, Tequila Tuesday

Tequila Tuesday: Literally though…

I’m starting a new series for Tuesdays: Recent drunken stories.

The first one is actually, conveniently enough, involving tequila. I’m going to give everyone a little recap on Cinco de Mayo 2011.

This night was debatably one of the best of my life – the night I met my ridiculously wonderful boyfriend.

The evening began with me picking up one of my 21-year-old friends in my car immediately after co-op and promptly getting about 32 Coronas (for three os us…) since they didn’t have 24 packs. Obviously that was the smart choice. I then carried said Coronas into my on-campus building in a laundry basket covered in a towel. Real stealthy.

I came home to two bottles of Jose and a container of Margarita mix. I knew where the evening was going.

Fridge of Cinco de Mayo goodness

We basically invited everyone we knew to our dorm room for a rage-fest filled with Marg shots (someone sits on a chair with their head back while someone pours a shot each of Marg mix and Jose into their mouth), Tequila shots and Coronas out the wahoo.

Anyway, after quite a few of these, my summer roommate (shouts to Rachel) decided to call one of her friends in Pike. Naturally, he was already so drunk that his big brother had to accompany him to our building. I learned later that Rachel had told said big brother that he should just come up to the room because she had a “hot roommate” which apparently meant me. I was unaware of this obvious set up.

Back in Allie-land I heard a boy speaking a different form of English – he had an ACCENT. If you know me, you know I’m incredibly attracted to accents. So, of course, I went up to this man with the wonderful pick up line of, “Are you Southern?”

From there we talked for a while, spent a while in my room “changing the music” and building up sexual tension and eventually (finally) I grew the balls to kiss him.

And that’s the story of how I met my man.

Lyon, Travel

Lyon: Cosmopolitan

I think I have gotten accidentally tipsy almost every night on this trip. I’m really embracing the whole wine-drinking culture.

But today it was totally intentional.

We decided we wanted to go out on the town since we don’t have classes on Wednesdays. So we found this place called Cosmopolitan Bar that has 2€ shots and 4,5€ mixed drinks. When we got there, it did not say that. All it said was 4€ mojitos. We decided that was fine with us.

I just want to say that we took the Metro and it was a wonderful experience. Significantly better than the T. Not only were the trains new, the stations clean and the seats comfortable; but the station told you how many minutes until the next train would be there. And is was actually accurate. If only that could happen in Boston…

We ordered eight mojitos and eight Kamikaze shots.

Round 1

As a side note: a Kamikaze shot was my very first ever shot. Thanks Mom. The bar looked like our own personal drunk fest. I mean, yes it was empty when we got there for 9-10 p.m. happy hour. But yes, we did fill up the place. So it was fine. And we got more personal time with our lovely Australian drink artisan.

Essentially, we got pretty wastey-pants. Then we decided getting more liquor at the little convenience store across the street was a great idea. It wasn’t. One member of our group (name omitted to protect the guilty) kept insisting to the store owner that we were américain rather than américaine. Basically, she was accidentally calling us all men.

Then we decided McDonalds was a good idea. It also wasn’t. But it was delicious. So I guess last night was a success.

Lyon, Travel

Lyon: Carmen

I slept all day today. Well, OK only until 11:30 but still. It was actually really hilarious because my alarm was chirping birds and was set for noon. Then when I woke up I just didn’t turn it off and at the exact moment I opened up my window this morning, the alarm went off. I thought there were just an uncanny amount of birds in our courtyard today, but alas, I was wrong.

We went to a museum that had miniatures and movie things in it. It was kind of crazy actually. There were eight (huit) floors of stuff and one would have a bunch of old movie props and the next would have miniature scale rooms and things. One floor has stuff like scaled down furniture, clothing and shoes (among other things).

Anyway, then we got sandwiches. I got my standard ham and cheese (jambon et fromage) and we just straight chilled for a bit outside this adorable Boulangerie. I felt super French. Except when people just assume you’re American and speak English to you from the start. Thanks guys -_-

Then we got more ice cream. Of course.

Then we did something super French. Chelsea and I got a six-pack of Hoegaarden (OK, that wasn’t the French part) and we went to meet up with some girls from our school for an outdoor screening of the Opera. We met up with these girls; one was from Sweden, one from Germany and one from Hollard and they were SO nice. (I’ll disregard the part about the one from Holland being a feminist.)

Screening of Carmen in the public square

We sat outside in this huge public square called the Place des Terraux and drank our beer and watched Carmen. It would have been really good if I wasn’t sitting on the concrete ground. So we basically left after the first act. But I understood a surprising amount of the production!

After that, instead of going out, I Skyped with my big and watched some episodes of Girls. Very eventful Saturday evening.

Au revior (nor now)

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Lyon: Wine-Wastey

Today was day two of classes. We didn’t have Seb today. So sad. But we had another woman who was also really nice. This class was significantly harder than yesterday and we’re already assigned a 150 word paper. I know that’s normally not a lot, but it’s in French.

Anyway, then I went to the Carrefour for another baguette (which I’ve been eating as a food staple) and then we came home. Nothing too interesting today. I might want to take it easy tonight since tomorrow we’re going on a walking tour of Vieux Lyon.

(three hours later…)

Just kidding. I got wine wastey.

Le vin blanc

Au revior (for now)



Today I did a really stupid thing. I set my “Classes” alarm for Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fridays because that’s when I have class. But today is Wednesday. So my alarm that I set did not go off. I need to set a different alarm for Wednesdays I guess. Ugh. So I woke up at like 12:10 p.m. when we were meeting at 1 p.m. to head over to our Wednesday activity. Oh well.

Our Wednesday activity this week was a little scavenger hunt around the city of Lyon. We were paired up with one person in every level of French classes (1-10) so it was a good mixture of French abilities. Being in level 5, I barely contributed.

But we walked around a lot more of the city than I have seen and it was amazing. This city is absolutely gorgeous.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that, most of us dialoguers decided we were going to meet up with the group of Americans from Marshall University (We are Marshall) in WV for a little Fourth of July mayhem. We went to this Scottish bar where everyone spoke English and ordered burgers and beer. It was a pretty awesome way to spend the Fourth if you ask me. Even though we didn’t practice much French.

The Marshall kids are pretty cool but they’re either staying in home stays far from the University or in a hostel. Ew. I’ll keep my dorm-style single across the street from the University, thanks. And my Northeastern dialoguers. Love y’all.

Au revoir (for now)

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Lyon: Wallace