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Lyon: Les Examens

We just took our oral and written French exams. Oh my Gosh. Fun French fact: “Godde” in French means “vibrator.” So Saying “Oh My God” sounds like you’re saying “Oh my vibrator.” Anyway, the tests went OK. Just OK. I’m hoping I get put in a decent class.

Then a few of the other dialogue-mates and I went to the Carrefour City (for, like, the fourth time since we’ve been here) and “Call Me Maybe” was playing. WHAT?! Why wasn’t it in French? Someone fix this.

People here love their radishes. I have never seen so many people buying radishes at the market than here. So I looked up a popular radish dish…

Radish sandy

It’s literally sliced radishes, salt, butter and bread. But it looks pretty good. I’ll keep you posted on if I end up trying it out.

Our next adventure will be to find and potentially buy a prepaid phone…en Francais.

Au revoir (for now)

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Lyon: Farmer’s Market (7/1/12)

Well today all my hopes went down the drain. We got our times and locations for our written and verbal tests that we’ll take tomorrow. Not quite so excited about that – especially given my recent experience at the Lyon Farmer’s Market.

First of all, it would rain on my first day in French paradise. So all of us that went were wet, uncomfortable and generally feeling kind of blah. Second of all, I should have just stuck to the minimal talking necessary at the supermarket (supermarche). At the (A la) Farmer’s Market, they like to chat you up and ask what you want, how many and other things about the food they’re handing you. One of my dialogue-mates didn’t know how to ask how much her strawberries (fraises) were. I’m not going to say the woman got mad at her, but I’m also not going to say she was happy with the fact that she jumped to saying, “How much are these?” instead of, “Qu’est-ce que vous parlez anglais?” Yikes. This is definitely not Paris where most people actually do speak English.

Other than that, I bought my second legal bottle of wine and, surprisingly, haven’t opened either one yet.

At least I got my Internet working and don’t feel as tired as I was yesterday. I’m still tired though. At least I have a baguette and Nutella. Oh, I should probably eat sometime today…

Au revoir (for now)

World News

Adderall is too mainstream for the Chinese

The Chinese are the world’s hipsters. Since Adderall is too mainstream for them (or too weak, whatever) they’re using IVs of amino acids to perk up enough to study for exams. We in America feel bad for ourselves during finals week…what if this was your life leading up to one exam that would make or break you forever? I guess I’ll never understand those troubles – mostly because forms of human torture are illegal here in the US of A. But if you want a hilarious commentary about this news story – click here for the TFTC version.

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