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Lyon: Snappy the Watch


Ahhh Sundays. You know what that means. The farmer’s market again. I bought another beautiful and adorable watch. Chelsea bought another four. She now has a whole family of Snappy’s.

Family of Snappy’s

To make matters even worse, she made the original Snappy a Facebook and Twitter. If that wasn’t enough, she took pictures of her Snappy’s in various positions and in various situations. The obsession may have gone a little too far.

The view from Snappy’s apartment

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Lyon: Sickly and Sorry

I haven’t posted here in SO long! I definitely have just been too busy having way too much fun to blog!

I’m sick. I feel like Sheldon Cooper in the episode “The Pancake Batter Anomaly” of The Big Bang Theory. I would get sick in France.

But we had our debate in class today and Chelsea and I absolutely killed it. Naturally. Since not too much went on today, I’m just going to say how much I love the culture here. I mean, people sit out and enjoy their food and drinks for hours – without worrying about getting back to work within their allotted one hour lunch break.

I want to have a job and life like that. I feel like so many people in our country are super workaholics but that’s just not what I want. I would love to hit up casual farmer’s markets on Wednesday afternoons.

I think I’ll start going to the Haymarket Farmer’s Market in Boston more often.


We went to the Farmer’s Market again. This time I got pictures! There was also a whole street of puppies.

I know it would have been the boyfriend’s personal hell, but I was in absolute heaven.

On this trip I have been missing my puppy at home. I say he’s a puppy, but he’s really a full-grown dog. All of the puppies at the market were so adorable and they looked much healthier and better behaved than any puppies one would see in America, especially if they were puppies in need of a home.

But I really enjoy the food at the market as well. It was all so fresh and the smells while walking past were the most phenomenal that I have ever smelt in my life. The fruits and vegetables had more color than those I would see in any Stop and Shop in America. I got strawberries from the farmer’s market our first Sunday here and they were still good an entire week later! That seems like an almost impossibility, but I was so excited that they lasted so long.

I saw an American flag scarf at one of the stands the second week there and when I went past it again I just had to buy it. But it was 10€. Iwas unsure about paying that much for a simple scarf so Iasked the man if I could have it for 8€ (in French) and he said yes! Imagine my surprise when he though that I was European as well – I thought for sure that my American accent was a dead giveaway.

I wish there was a similar farmer’s market close to my apartment in Boston. The market is definitely one of the things that I will miss the most in Lyon.

Au revoir (for now)

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Lyon: The Puppy Market

Lyon, Travel

Lyon: Farmer’s Market, Part Deux

Sorry I’ve been so bad with posting every day!

The smells that surround you at a French farmer’s market are probably the best in the entire world. It’s like all craft food items from these people’s homes that they bring to the city of Lyon every Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon.

Imagine a place where you have the finest cheeses, meats, fruits, vegetables, breads and much more together in one place. Then add in tents of flowers, clothing, shoes and anything you can really imagine all for sale in one place.

Today, I almost bought an American flag scarf for ten euro. I thought that I could find something for cheaper, but I didn’t. I may have to go back this week or next and snag that bad boy before I see some Frenchie rocking my flag around their neck and have to punch them to take it.

As I say this I am eating the most phenomenal pain au chocolat. It beats the living shit out of Au Bon Pain, but is anyone really surprised? I’m not.