The NJ Devils have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals!


Well, at least we’ll have this to look forward to if the Devs end up playing the Caps next round…

Now, I won’t lie: I’ve flip flopped my NHL team preference more than once in the past few years that I’ve been old enough to decide for myself. I grew up watching the Devils with my dad (of course) and since they’re the only professional sports team that has NJ on their jerseys, I loved them by default. (Even though countless NY teams actually play in New Jersey – winning.)

After laying eyes on Sid “the Kid” Crosby and the beautiful Kris Letang, I was hooked on the Penguins. Now, this love was purely superficial until I was checking out UPitt and got to visit the Steel City. I love that every professional sports team in the Burgh wears the same colors. The camaraderie there is just more present than in Boston where the C’s wear green, the B’s wear black & yellow and the Sox and Pats wear red & blue.

But when it comes to Boston – I’m 100% in love with the city, the people in it and the sports teams that it supports. I was there for the Bruins Stanley Cup victory in 2011. I got to jump into the reflection pool with hundreds of other college students from all over the country, banding together under the same excitement. But was that all it was? The excitement?

I’m not sure. But I always get a slight pang of guilt when I hear someone talking shit about the Devils. I guess only time will tell where my loyalty lies. Maybe I’ll just turn into my ex-boyf and love every team!

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Dont cry for me, D.C.

Karl Alzner answers to Milan Lucic outcry

Was Karl Alzner fake crying while staring down the lovely Milan Lucic? Yes. But what he should have been doing is crying over the pathetic state of his own life. Lucic is 23 years old, living in the best city in the world and rocking a Stanley Cup ring like the champ that he is. And what does widdle Alzner have? A sad little team that has never EVER won a Lord Stanley.

Get pumped Karl, Milan is coming for you tonight. And he has a lot more experience with his fists (and, as a result, the penalty box) than you do, sir.

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