Today we went to the Medieval city, Pérouges. We got these incredible crepes before Pérouges though. I got a ham, egg and cheese crepe and it was probably the most wonderful experience of my food-related life. The French version of a ham, egg and cheese. Except instead of the thousand carbs a bagel has, it was the twelve carbs in a crepe.

Ham, egg & cheese crepe

But Pérouges was absolutely the most phenomenal with I’ve ever seen. It was literally exactly like stepping out from a time machine into the Renaissance.

The sidewalks and buildings all looks as though the inhabitants of the city laid down cement and hand picked rocks to put on top of it.

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We had galettes, which is basically a buckwheat pizza with sweet creamy cheese on top with a squirt of lemon juice. IT was pretty good. A little bit plain but not a bad snack at all.

The views were phenomenal and so was the nap I took on the bus ride to and fro Perouges.

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Lyon: Perouges