Aujourd’hui c’est the premier jour des classes. Today was the first day of classes. My level is five – so, intermediate – and I have the most fabulous professor ever. He actually specifically asked that we don’t call him Monsieur, Professeur, etc. He wants us to call him Sebastien. Oh, Seb.

Anyway, we played Pictionary and I met a lot of people from Hong Kong and stuff. Then we ate French snacks and it was all good. Then we were done with class at 1 p.m. Not bad I say.

Then Chelsea, Connell, Leighann and I went on a super intense walk around the River Saone and it was so beautiful.

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After all that, we went to dinner with everyone. Obviously my table had 4 bottles of wine to seven people. So, apparently all of us had half a bottle each. Whatever. As if that’s a lot.

Then a few of us went out after dinner. And by that I mean like 11:30 p.m. since dinner ended up being about four hours long. So we went out, walked around to a few places we had wandered earlier in the day and came across a crowd of about 50-80 young people (about our age) just hanging out outside this bar. So, naturally, we just walked in as if we owned the place.

Our waiter came over to us and asked us (in French) what we wanted. And when we paused (because we weren’t sure yet) he immediately said, “Do you speak English?” Ugh. Yes. But we just didn’t know yet! Give us a sec. I mean, if we were in Boston and were saying, “Uhhhh” while looking at a menu the waiter wouldn’t automatically say, “Oh should I speak Spanish to you?” Strange. But he was still pretty nice. And my vodka sunrise was pretty good.

Au revior (for now)

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