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Remember when I posted that I got a new puppy? Oh yeah, September 10th, 2013…the last time I posted on here. Well she’s grown up a bit. She’s now a 50 lb, 1 year old monster. Ok, she’s actually not a monster at all. She’s the best dog. I trained her so well (*dirts off my shoulder*). She is good off-leash and she knows about seven commands (sit, stay, down, paw, high five, up, and speak). I think she also speaks English and understands emotions.

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I got a puppy!!

I can’t believe I did this but I got a puppy. Her new name is Pepper and she’s the sweetest little hound mix you’ve ever met and ever will meet. I can’t believe I got a puppy that isn’t house trained, doesn’t understand basic commands, and doesn’t even know her own name. This should be quite an adventure…Stay tuned.


Welcome to the family little Pepper!!