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I’m online dating. Lol.

Online dating. Realistically, that’s how my generation dates now. Since I’m no longer in college and can’t meet future boyfriends after six (teen) tequila shots at a Cinco de Mayo party (shouts to you, Deacon), I guess I’m officially venturing into the world of online dating and apps.

Disclaimer: I’ve actually been “online dating” for a few months, but I haven’t really documented my experiences.

So what apps are on my phone, you ask?

Tinder: With the release of it’s new paid premium version it kind of sucks. I haven’t yet hit my “no more matches until you pay” screen, yet, but I’m just assuming. I downloaded Tinder about a year ago and used it pretty hardcore during my last semester of college and even throughout the summer. After that I sort of deleted it off-and-on based on when I was the most bored. I met a sex friend I endearingly call “Finance Bro” on Tinder around last April and we “hung out” until about October-ish. At least now I can say I’ve hooked up in an office in the Pru?

OkCupid: Ugh. It’s a love-hate relationship with this one. I’ve actually gone on some pretty decent dates off this app, but the amount of creepy/persistent/awkward messages I get may or may not make it worth it. It seems like about 1/5 of guys on this app actually want to date, 1/5 are looking for a hookup (go to Tinder, bros), 1/5 are just perpetual online pen pals that never actually ask you out, and 1/5 are in a relationship and looking for a third party to join in on the fun, and the other 1/5 just cant take a hint when you ignore their three messages saying “hey.”

Happn: I’m actually excited about this new app. It started in France (and, like, they understand love, right?) and it basically does what Tinder does – uses your location to match you with people. Except it shows you how many times you’ve “crossed paths” with someone. The only problem I’ve noticed is that I take the train every morning, so it matches me with people who live/work/exist along the routes my train takes. I would rather it connect to Facebook events or something where you could actually pinpoint where you’ve crossed paths, instead of “Near Saint Botolph St, 02115 Boston.” But that’s okay. I’ll give it a chance. No bites so far (not sure if that’s good or bad) but I’m excited to see what becomes of it here in Boston. Will I become a trendsetter??!! That’s only sort of my life goal.

Well, wish me luck?



Why #tbt should stop being a thing

At first it’s funny and even cute, but then you realize just how wrong it is. Baby photos should be saved for when your boyfriend/girlfriend meets your parents for the first time so that they can embarrass you.

Wednesdays become more dreaded than usual. Because hump day doesn’t suck enough as it is, right?


And then Thursday morning comes. You check your social media feeds while you avoid getting out of bed. This is what you experience…


Instead of hilarious high school photos, everyone somehow acquires all of their parent’s baby albums and uploads pictures of themselves in diapers or with ice cream covering their face.


For some reason, parents take pictures of everything. That’s unavoidable. But posting your ugly baby photos to the Internet? That’s avoidable.


By the end of the day, you’re sick of seeing your friends as babies in the bath tub and you’re so desperate to see a selfie that you break the #tbt trend and post an ACTUAL photo.