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Tequila Tuesday: Literally though…

I’m starting a new series for Tuesdays: Recent drunken stories.

The first one is actually, conveniently enough, involving tequila. I’m going to give everyone a little recap on Cinco de Mayo 2011.

This night was debatably one of the best of my life – the night I met my ridiculously wonderful boyfriend.

The evening began with me picking up one of my 21-year-old friends in my car immediately after co-op and promptly getting about 32 Coronas (for three os us…) since they didn’t have 24 packs. Obviously that was the smart choice. I then carried said Coronas into my on-campus building in a laundry basket covered in a towel. Real stealthy.

I came home to two bottles of Jose and a container of Margarita mix. I knew where the evening was going.

Fridge of Cinco de Mayo goodness

We basically invited everyone we knew to our dorm room for a rage-fest filled with Marg shots (someone sits on a chair with their head back while someone pours a shot each of Marg mix and Jose into their mouth), Tequila shots and Coronas out the wahoo.

Anyway, after quite a few of these, my summer roommate (shouts to Rachel) decided to call one of her friends in Pike. Naturally, he was already so drunk that his big brother had to accompany him to our building. I learned later that Rachel had told said big brother that he should just come up to the room because she had a “hot roommate” which apparently meant me. I was unaware of this obvious set up.

Back in Allie-land I heard a boy speaking a different form of English – he had an ACCENT. If you know me, you know I’m incredibly attracted to accents. So, of course, I went up to this man with the wonderful pick up line of, “Are you Southern?”

From there we talked for a while, spent a while in my room “changing the music” and building up sexual tension and eventually (finally) I grew the balls to kiss him.

And that’s the story of how I met my man.


I officially have a new favorite drink. Jack Daniels & Ginger Ale. I may be officially cheating on my usual Bacardi & Coke, but let me tell you that whiskey is awesome. AWESOME. I realize that its intimidating, but try it.Try yourself a Jack & Ginger and tell me that you’re not obsessed.

I went to CMA Fest in Nashville this weekend, so it was only fitting that I get country drunk, sing loudly to songs I hardly know and try my best to look Southern. Our first night on Broadway, I got to meet Craig Campbell and I just love him. If you don’t know who he is, listen to this song and try to tell me he’s not flippin’ wonderful.

You know what I realized about country artists – they have actual legitimate talent. Oh, and they’re wonderful when it comes to interacting with fans of any obsession level I saw a bunch of artists perform their asses off and, guess what, they’re actually singing. I didn’t have to listen to a recording that plays on the radio or something just off their latest album. I got to hear them change around words to fit CMA fest and do shout outs mid-song. And after meeting Craig Campbell, Chris Cagle and Chris Janson (among others) I can definitely say that Southern gentlemen do exist. They were all super sweet to me even though I know, like, one of their songs.

This guy Chris Janson sings this song “Corn” which he and his super sweet wife wrote together. His album isn’t out yet, so here’s a shitty YouTube version. It’s not nearly as sick as it was when he performed on the Bic Bella Soleil Beach stage on Saturday, but you’re just going to have to see him live to experience that.

I hope you like these songs and I hope that next year y’all (ha, I had to) choose CMA Fest over Bonaroo. Definitely worth it. I’m obsessed with Nashville. Once you go there, you will be too. Promise. Oh, and go to Monell’s for breakfast. You will not regret it.