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Lyon: Les Voleurs

I think everyone in our program that isn’t in my class is secretly very jealous of the activities we do.

Today we played cops & robbers (essentially) and I was paired with a very quiet and non-English-speaking Asian girl named Ning-Jui. We were chosen to be suspects. We basically had to think of what our interviewers would possibly ask us about what we were going the previous evening between 19h and 23h.

I decided that we should get ice cream, go to see Ice Age 4 (L’Age du Glace Quatre), then go for a walk in Vieux Lyon.

I was 100% stone faced when Chelsea had to ask me her questions. Then Connell turned around and said that he knew Ning-Jui was guilty. Apparently he asked her how L’Age du Glace Quatre was and she responded saying she had never seen it. She cracked under pressure. I did not. Seb was laughing.

Au revoir (for now)

World News

Adderall is too mainstream for the Chinese

The Chinese are the world’s hipsters. Since Adderall is too mainstream for them (or too weak, whatever) they’re using IVs of amino acids to perk up enough to study for exams. We in America feel bad for ourselves during finals week…what if this was your life leading up to one exam that would make or break you forever? I guess I’ll never understand those troubles – mostly because forms of human torture are illegal here in the US of A. But if you want a hilarious commentary about this news story – click here for the TFTC version.

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