I made a Bluth frozen banana! It wasn’t hard (at all) but I figured if the Bluth’s can keep money in the banana stand then it must be an idea worth trying. I’ve heard that frozen bananas are a thing some places but obviously the Jersey Shore is more of a ice cream and Flavor Freeze’s kinda place.

I wish I made these in bulk. Here’s how to do it (in case you can’t Google it yourself):

1. Peel a ripe banana

2. Shove a stick in it

3. Put in the freezer (I wrapped mine in some tin foil) for about 3-ish hours.

4. While it’s in the freezer, melt some semi-sweet chocolate chips with about a teaspoon of vegetable or canola oil.

5. Take the banana out of the freezer and cover it in melt-y, delicious chocolate.

6. Put sprinkles on it – preferably rainbow

7. Put the sprinkled, chocolate covered banana back into the freezer and try your hardest to leave it in there for at least an hour or two.

8. Eat that sweet, cool Bluth-y goodness.




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How to: Frozen banana


Kale with red bell pepper, mushroom, and summer squash

Last night I made an amazing all veggie dinner. I guess you could consider that vegetarian…

Don’t judge the picture, I’m not one of those crazies who cooks a fabulous meal and then takes 30 minutes to photograph it. Not interested in cold food. So I just took this one right before chowing down. Hope it looks appetizing.

Here’s how to do it:

Throw some olive oil (just enough to coat the bottom of the pan) into a large skillet heating on medium heat. Rinse your kale, cut it up, and throw it in the pan. I usually just break it apart with my hands because it doesn’t really matter. Saute the kale until it looks like steamed spinach. Usually that takes only a minute or two, but it all depends on how crunchy you want it. Throw on some salt and cayenne powder. Set the kale aside in your bowl.

Then cut up the red pepper, mushroom, and summer squash. Coat the same skillet with more olive oil and throw the veggies in. Add salt, pepper, and a little more cayenne (or whatever seasoning you prefer). Once the veggies are nice and cooked, dump them on top of the kale.

Let me know what y’all think of this or any ideas that you have to enhance it.





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Kale with red bell pepper, mushroom, and summer squash


I was never the hugest fan of AJ (I was always more of a Nick Carter kinda girl), but AJ has welcomed a new member of the Backstreet family – Ava!

AJ and Ava

AJ and Ava

She’s so adorable and innocent in his large tattooed arms. And I’m diggin’ the cheetah onesie. She was born Nov. 27 so she’s already graced this planet for TWO. WHOLE. WEEKS.

Can’t wait until she sees daddy’s fashion choices back in the day…

circa 1993

circa 1993

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I am currently eating one of the best salads of my life. I indulged and bought all of the fruits and veggies I wanted at the market yesterday. Then I made the most ridiculous salad ever. Here it is:

Here’s how I did it:

  • Romaine lettuce
  • grape tomatoes
  • yellow bell pepper
  • blueberries
  • 3 sliced up strawberries
  • 3 wedges of an orange
  • 1 thin-sliced chicken breast, grilled
  • Feta cheese
  • olives

I fail to see how anyone could dislike salad after having this amazing one. I am a huge fan of fruit in salad. I love putting apple in salad and I think maybe I’ll make a grilled chicken, avocado, olive, Feta and apple salad later actually.

What do you think of this salad idea? Too much stuff, or just enough?


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The NJ Devils have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals!


Well, at least we’ll have this to look forward to if the Devs end up playing the Caps next round…

Now, I won’t lie: I’ve flip flopped my NHL team preference more than once in the past few years that I’ve been old enough to decide for myself. I grew up watching the Devils with my dad (of course) and since they’re the only professional sports team that has NJ on their jerseys, I loved them by default. (Even though countless NY teams actually play in New Jersey – winning.)

After laying eyes on Sid “the Kid” Crosby and the beautiful Kris Letang, I was hooked on the Penguins. Now, this love was purely superficial until I was checking out UPitt and got to visit the Steel City. I love that every professional sports team in the Burgh wears the same colors. The camaraderie there is just more present than in Boston where the C’s wear green, the B’s wear black & yellow and the Sox and Pats wear red & blue.

But when it comes to Boston – I’m 100% in love with the city, the people in it and the sports teams that it supports. I was there for the Bruins Stanley Cup victory in 2011. I got to jump into the reflection pool with hundreds of other college students from all over the country, banding together under the same excitement. But was that all it was? The excitement?

I’m not sure. But I always get a slight pang of guilt when I hear someone talking shit about the Devils. I guess only time will tell where my loyalty lies. Maybe I’ll just turn into my ex-boyf and love every team!

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